Dario Hübner and the grappa given to Saadi Gaddafi: “I made him try it and he appreciated it”

ROME – Dario Hübner, a footballer who won the Serie A top scorers at the time of Piacenza with 24 goals, told a behind the scenes story about him and Saadi Gaddafi during an interview with Quotidiano.net.

“Sometimes I drank grappa in retreats. Once he approached thinking it was coffee: I made him taste it and he appreciated it.

When we played near Trieste, my father came to bring me cartons of cigarettes and homemade grappa .

So in Udine I gave a very strong bottle to Saadi. Tuesday was late for training.

I wondered if my grappa had hurt him. Shortly afterwards he entered the locker room: ' Mister Hubner, very good, thank you!' ”.

Despite being a professional footballer, Dario Hübner never wanted to do without grappa and cigarettes, his two true passions.

Recently, he decided to stop using traditional cigarettes to switch to electronic cigarettes.

When he played, no coach asked him to stop smoking because it always made a difference on the pitch.

Dario Hübner: "I switched to electronic cigarettes, when I played I smoked 25 Marlboros a day".

“I smoked at least 20-25 Marlboros a day in the sunlight. No coach has ever tried to make me quit, they cared about me playing on the pitch.

I did a lot of sport and a regular life : this saved me. From May I smoke the electronic ones "(source Quotidiano.net).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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