Daniele Scardina, who is King Toretto, the alleged boyfriend of Diletta Leotta

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Daniele Scardina during a workout

ROME – Daniele Scardina would be Diletta Leotta's new boyfriend, the famous journalist and TV presenter of Dazn, who announced only in mid-June the end of her long relationship with Matteo Mammì, Sky manager. The weekly Spy, in fact, has posted the preview photos of what would be the new story in the middle of the gossip.

Scardina, 28, is the IBF world champion in boxing Supermedi. Born in the suburbs of Milan, in Rozzano, now, for some years he has been living and training in Miami. The landing in the States instead came thanks to his brother Giovanni, who ran a restaurant in Florida. Nicknamed King Toretto, the 28-year-old grew up at Domino in Milan.

After winning the 2013 Golden Amateur Glove, in 2015 he was among the professionals. "I am an instrument of people who seek hope. Boxing is not a sport based on violence, but on the hope of being fulfilled, "he said in an interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport.

He is a close friend of well-known Italian rappers, such as Fedez, Marracash, Luchè and Gué Pequeno. The latter would have introduced him to the journalist and presenter. Although the two had met during a boxing match held in Milan last March and broadcast by Dazn, of which Diletta is the main face. Needless to say, the news immediately went around the web. Diletta Leotta is in fact followed by paparazzi ready to immortalize her every move on vacation and in the city. Now, however, a very special bodyguard will defend it.

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