Daniele Scardina: “Diletta Leotta? That’s why it’s nice to be in quarantine with her … “

MILAN – Daniele Scardina has decided to spend the coronavirus quarantine in the company of his fiancée Diletta Leotta.

The couple is spending this period of isolation in the Milanese home of the sports host of Dazn.

Theirs is a quarantine characterized by serenity and physical activity.

Scardina is a boxer, so he has to cure his body in a maniacal way , but also Leotta is no less judging from his workouts posted on social networks …

The boxer spoke about his quarantine in Milan in an interview with CHI magazine .

“I was getting ready to step into the ring on February 28th, where I would have defended the Ibf super middleweight title for the third time, when they blocked everything.

Maybe we'll shoot in September-October behind closed doors.

It seems absurd because the public gives adrenaline, it exalts a lot: without people in the stands I feel halfway, the more there is the more I load.

It will be different behind closed doors but we always go to the ring to "split": we have to adapt and we will do it.

I train twice a day, without putting too much load: I just have to be careful not to gain too much weight, but I don't want to stress myself.

It is certainly nice to be in Milan with Diletta, my family is also here, this is the positive side.

We hope to return to normal, we must have faith. It will be a strange year for everyone, we will adapt "(source CHI).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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