Daniele Adani: “Farewell to Allegri? That’s when it was decided “

Daniele Adani: "Farewell to Allegri? That's when it was decided"

Daniele Adani: “Farewell to Allegri? That's when it was decided "

ROME – "The date and the match that concludes the relationship with Allegri is Juventus-Ajax without a doubt," says Daniele Adani who, precisely speaking of that match after Juventus-Turin , had faced hard against Massimiliano Allegri.

"The truth – he continues – is that Massimiliano Allegri, who will be very difficult to replace as I have said many times, is sure that brings you guarantees of success in a given type of work, in a certain competition with his securities and with his ability to evaluate and optimize the performance of players. But the key word of the conference we have heard is: analysis. Because the analysis allows you to evaluate not the result but the work done "

"The company – he explains – that is represented by Andrea Agnelli and it is he who decides, he had already told us something after that game (against Ajax ed). Then in Italy sometimes there is this tendency to be a little slow or pretend not to understand and then have more surprise. He had been told 'of course he has the contract', but that was not a reconfirmation. There has never been more distance from the confirmation than in this last month. So where is all this wonder? " Source: Sky.

The Daniele Adani article : “Farewell to Allegri? That's when it was decided " seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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