Daniel Maldini, masterpiece goal at San Siro in Milan-Monza VIDEO

From father to son, Daniel Maldini, Paolo's son, scored a masterpiece goal at San Siro during the friendly Milan-Monza.

He is only 18 years old but is considered by all to be predestined. We are talking about Daniel Maldini. The Rossoneri baby phenomenon could retrace the deeds of his grandfather Cesare and his father Paolo.

Yesterday he was the best on the pitch during the friendly match between Milan and Monza at San Siro.

There was no Berlusconi, still struggling with the coronavirus, but the whole Maldini family was present in the stands, including Paolo who is a manager of the Rossoneri.

So Berlusconi was unable to enjoy the return to San Siro as an opponent but all the others were amazed by the talent of the baby Maldini.

On the result of one to one, thanks to the goals scored by Calabria and Finotto, Daniel received the ball in the penalty area and beat the Monza goalkeeper with a right at the far post with applause.

A Del Piero-style goal that fully highlighted his talent. As mentioned, Maldini jr is only 18 years old but he already has two appearances in Serie A. Moreover, for Pioli he is not transferable and for this reason all offers from the A and B teams who have requested him on loan have been refused.

Maldini jr will remain with the Rossoneri and will grow behind the many champions present in the Milan squad. The YouTube video with his goal ( YouTube video ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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