Dan Peterson: “Kobe Bryant was the basketball Gullit. He didn’t stop at his laurels and his money “

Dan Peterson: "Kobe Bryant era il Gullit del basket. Non si è fermato agli allori e ai soldi"

Dan Peterson: “Kobe Bryant was the basketball Gullit. He didn't stop at his laurels and his money "(photo ANSA)

ROME – "At this moment we are refusing to accept such news," said Dan Peterson , former Basketball coach at the turn of the 70s and 90s, to the microphones of the Rai Radio2 Late Show yesterday, Sunday 26 January, a few minutes later the discovery of Kobe Bryant 's death in a helicopter crash.

“Kobe Bryant was very close and very grateful to Italy. He always said he learned the fundamentals and game intelligence in Italy. He always said: “I am a more foreign-international than American player. I am very grateful and grateful to those who taught me how to play basketball. "

“He was the Ruud Gullit of basketball” Peterson continues, “a man with exceptional physical and athletic characteristics, even with a great technique and mentality. Kobe had all these features together and also a terrifying determination. " "He was a 360 degree man: he did not stop at the laurels and the money earned in basketball, he tried to continue growing as a man even after his sports career," concludes Peterson. (source RAI RADIO2)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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