Dal Canto: “Kean as Balotelli? It’s not a hot head … “

Moise Kean come Balotelli, ex ct non è testa matta

Moise Kean with the shirt of the Italian national football team (photo Ansa)

ROME – Moise Kean would be close to transferring to Rome so Retesport, a radio station that follows the fate of the Giallorossi team daily, has decided to interview Alessandro Dal Canto, former coach of the Everton striker at the time of the National Under-17 team. Kean wants to leave Everton because it ended up on the fringes of the team due to its disappointing performance and some behaviors that British society didn't like.

The statements of Alessandro Dal Canto, former coach of Moise Kean at the time of Italia Under 17, were reported by forzaroma.info.

"Kean has always behaved very well with me. I took it under age and when a player comes under age he never combines damage for a form of respect, because he is smaller. It didn't bother me because I think he's a good guy. He was singled out as the new Balotelli, like a crazy head.

The guy in the end is not that he believes in it but he falls for these statements. He does not create problems, he is a well-bred boy. With us it was perfect. When I coached El Shaarawy at Padova I was asked the same questions because they said that at Milan he was having problems, but for the experience I had, he didn't give me any problems. Football-wise and from the behavioral point of view the two boys do not discuss each other.

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