Curva Sud Milano: “Gattuso symbol of Milanism. He will always be one of us “

Curva Sud Milano: "Gattuso simbolo del milanismo. Sarà sempre uno di noi"

Curva Sud Milano: “Gattuso symbol of Milanism. He will always be one of us ". Photo ANSA / ALESSANDRO DI MARCO

MILAN – Rino Gattuso has decided to leave Milan, renouncing his salary to allow his collaborators to receive their entire pay. This way of saying goodbye to Milan made him fit even more into the hearts of the fans. The Curva Sud Milano greeted him with a long press release published on Facebook which we report below.

Curva Sud Milano: "Rino Gattuso will always be one of ours".

The press release of the Curva Sud Milano for Rino Gattuso. "Once again the streets of Milan and Gattuso are divided and on this occasion for the Curva Sud is a more bitter greeting than the departure of Gennarino to the football played when, moved and excited, he looked for the last time as a footballer the curve that had loved him so much and towards which he had always shown respect and esteem.

It is not up to us to judge the work of Gattuso coach, we are interested in the man and even in this circumstance his words showed that love for Milan that drove him as a child to write "Milan strength" on the walls of his country, that had led him to fight on every ball with tenacity and determination, which had motivated him to give everything on the field, against anyone, for the jersey of the team of his heart.

Gattuso defended Milan as a midfielder and defended him as a coach, always putting his face and assuming all responsibility for the defeats and lack of Milan in some of his players: love for the shirt, respect for history and for the Milan fans, this was the first thing that Gattuso had learned and wanted to convey to those he sent to the field.

Gattuso on the bench suffered like us, he exulted like us, he cried like us because he is one of us: with him we had one of us on the field and with him we had one of us on the bench of our Milan.

This year we fought together until the last day, chasing the fourth place like it hadn't happened for years and in which we believed only ourselves: we put our heart out of the curve as Gennarino put it from the sidelines, and for long stretches of the season we admired an extraordinary cohesion and compactness between the coach team and the South Bend, all united towards the same goal.

Gattuso's decision to resign as a coach "was not easy but it was considered" and the Curva Sud can only respect, with a lump in his throat, the decision of a real man and a true Milan player, wishing Ringhio the whole world luck for the continuation of his coaching career.

For our part, saying goodbye to Gennarino Gattuso for the last time, there remains the regret of not having been able to win a trophy with him, of not having been able to see Gattuso's Milan celebrate a great success while he sings among us, his ultras, as he did for the last Milan championship.

Leaving the team of his heart and giving up the engagement of two more years, Gattuso explained that "his story with Milan will never be a question of money".
As it is not, and never will be for any of us.
Good luck Gennarino Gattuso, with Milan always in the heart.

And who knows that one day, thanks to those strange tours that make certain loves, Milan and Gattuso can meet again and this time win together: they will have the South Curve by their side, as it has always been and always will be ”.

The Curva Sud Milano article : “Gattuso symbol of Milanism. He will always be one of us " seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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