Curva Atalanta: “We will continue to make choirs against the Neapolitans. It’s just teasing “

curva atalanta

Cori discriminatory, Atalanta curve: "It 's just teasing between fans, we will continue to sing them"

ROME – The North Curve of ' Atalanta , three days after the postponement home with Naples, takes a position on the issue of choirs of territorial discrimination with a statement released from the Facebook page' Support the curve ', significantly entitled' We are not Neapolitans '.

"Bergamo will be the test bench for yet another instrument of repression. We do not take into consideration the possibility of being deprived of teasing among fans. Someone says we must not fall into the trap, we will continue to be what we have always been. The teasing among fans – the statement continues – are one of the most basic and elementary components of football ".

The text excludes any discriminatory will: "Bergamo has always disgusted the chorus choirs and the racist howls, has proved to be a mature and credible square. It is a question of parochialism, not of racism: well they are 'Bergamasco peasant' and 'Hate Bergamo' sung in the stadiums ".

Finally, a clear reference to the Federcalcio Tavecchio presidency: "We do not accept lessons from those in Italian football who have placed executives who have defined 'football bananas' as black footballers and 'handicapped' women footballers".

The Curva Atalanta article : "We will continue to make choirs against the Neapolitans. It's just teasing " seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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