Curva Atalanta against the police of Florence: “Beaten for no reason”. The Siulp rejects the VIDEO accusations

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Atalanta curve against the Florence police: "Beat yourself without doing anything". Siulp rejects the accusations

ROME – The Atalanta Curve rejects the accusation of having caused scuffles after Fiorentina-Atalanta of the Italian Cup. But the State Police unions , beginning with Siulp, speak of shameful episodes and five wounded agents. Asking exemplary punishment for the fans atalantini that would become protagonists of the incidents.

The Curve, vice versa, looking for photos, videos or simply direct testimonies of the scuffles with the Police 500 meters from the exit of Florence South part of the caravan of fans dell'Atalanta coach (almost 20) after the game. 130 Bergamo fans would have been identified.

In the statement appeared on the Facebook page "Support the Curve", the warmer fans dell'Atalanta states that there would have been no contact with the purple fan, either before or after the game, and the weather was absolutely quiet.

"We want the truth! – writes the Curva dell'Atalanta – The rapid department has pulled a bus of nearly 20 buses, has boarded and hit and injured all occupants, even breaking the windows. We ask anyone who has photos or videos, or simply direct testimonies, to write to [email protected] ".

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But from the front of the police unions it is noted that five officers were injured. "What happened tonight is shameful and unacceptable". So the secretary of Siulp of Florence, Riccardo Ficozzi, commenting on the scuffles between ultrà dell'Atalanta and Police, in which five officers were injured. "It is essential – continues Ficozzi – that the perpetrators of such actions are severely punished and that permanent measures to ban interdiction from sporting events and public events are put in place".

Also according to what was announced by the union Siulp moreover, during the scuffles "a policeman who had boarded the bus to understand the reasons for the stop and invite the driver to resume the march would have been closed inside the bus and beaten by the fans , reporting non-serious injuries ".

The secretary general of the FSP State Police Valter Mazzetti also spoke about this affair: "What happened – he said – is further evidence of how violence on these occasions is preordained, blind, shameless, practiced in the arrogant conviction of not suffering consequences . We hope – he added – that the perpetrators are prosecuted and punished without any discounts, with prison sentences that can be fully discounted ".

The Curva Atalanta article against the Florence police: "Beaten for no reason". The Siulp rejects the VIDEO accusations seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

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