Cristiano Ronaldo will have to stop playing? They already give it: CR7 company is worth less

Cristiano Ronaldo cosa rischia in caso di condanna? In galera in Europa no ma...

Cristiano Ronaldo what is the risk of a conviction? In jail in Europe no … (Ansa)

ROME – Cristiano Ronaldo will have to stop playing? On the smartphone he shoots a video: Ronaldo who jumps in circles like he does after a goal and lands in … a cell. No, in all likelihood it will not end this way. Trial and conviction for Cristiano Ronaldo are unlikely, definitely improbable. And even when there was a trial, even when there was condemnation, practically excluded there could be detention.

But Cristiano Ronaldo is not just a footballer, some of the best in the world. It's more than a footballer. It's a company. And the company CR7 has already entered into suffering for the mere doubt of … image. Being juxtaposed in times of Mee Too even if only to hypotheses of violence against one or more women is something that costs. Image doubt knows no processes, acquittals, condemnations. It does not work like this. It works otherwise: image doubt when printing becomes indelible.

There are actors in the cinema who were great before the doubt of image. And who stopped, they had to stop doing their job. Before even a trial or conviction or acquittal. they had to stop because their presence, their name were considered and valued anti economic. Who pays and distributes films has considered it was bad business to make films for example with Kevin Spacey.

With Ronaldo we are certainly not at this point, even if it is far enough away. But Nike super sponsor of Ronaldo (practically life sponsorship) is restless and nervous about his investment. And the overall damage to CR / company is already there: it is worth less. The CR7 company is less economical. Not the player who as a player is worth the same fortune that was worth before, remains a goal machine. But the money machine player is worth less.

In bars, in social media: what does Cristiano Ronaldo really risk in the event of a conviction for sexual violence against Kathryn Mayorga ? Can he really end up in jail? Everyone says his, often opinion filled with cheering for or against.

It all depends on the Las Vegas police investigation. If Cristiano Ronaldo was considered guilty of sexual violence, he could also risk a sentence of imprisonment. It is a difficult event but still contemplated by law. In case of conviction, Cristiano Ronaldo would be forced to stay away from the US, in fact not to set foot.

Relative damage as to the freedom of the player, it is not a damage not being able to play football in the US. But they give tremendous in terms of image and therefore of money. A Cristiano Ronaldo in Roman Polanski's condition would embarrass his sponsors, all his sponsors.

If Cristiano Ronaldo is tried and acquitted of the rape charge, would everything be solved in a soap bubble? At that point Kathryn Mayorga could have big problems because the lawyers of the Portuguese phenomenon would ask her a huge compensation for defamation of their client. But a process, even if it ends with acquittal, is still an image damage.

The accusation of rape, even if all to be tried, puts at risk some sponsorships of the Portuguese that carry in the pockets of Cristiano Ronaldo a huge sum of money. The most striking case is the Nike . Cristiano Ronaldo is the only sportsman, along with Michael Jordan and LeBron James, to have a lifetime contract with the American company worth a total of one billion euros. Cristiano Ronaldo is a company and has chosen Juventus and Italy for technical but also economic reasons (100 thousand euros in taxes from us for 54 million gains abroad).

In case of conviction, Cristiano Ronaldo should give up playing in the United States. Which would bring him much less money from a Nike man.

Juventus, has hired the Portuguese to win, after years of unsuccessful attempts, the Champions League but also because he was aware of the round of money that would have stirred a champion of this caliber. To make a long story short, Juventus has already collected more than 10 million euros from Cristiano Ronaldo's shirts: more than 520 thousand t-shirts of the Portuguese ace have been sold.

It starts from the Mayorga complaint

The police in Las Vegas began its investigation by the complaint of June 13, 2009 where the Mayorga denounced sexual violence against him, without naming Cristiano Ronaldo, and the medical certificate and the clothes presented as evidence by the former model in the attempt to prove a rape against him. According to the Mayorga lawyer, the Las Vegas police would have lost this evidence but the police have denied this accusation. At this point the investigators will try to reconstruct the story and listen to the versions of the Mayorga and Cristiano Ronaldo to decide whether to refer the player to court or not.

What weight does the extrajudicial agreement have?

Cristiano Ronaldo and Mayorga signed an out-of-court agreement in 2009 through which the former model pocketed 375 thousand dollars to renounce the complaint against Cristiano Ronaldo. In fact, as written above, in the 2009 complaint the Mayorga had not mentioned the name of Cr7. This precedent could disadvantage Cristiano Ronaldo, if the payment is considered an admission of guilt, or the Mayorga, which refused to report it to the police to aim for the maximum possible economic compensation.

In the last hours the Portuguese press, and in particular Correio da Manhã, wrote that it would be Real Madrid to suggest to Cristiano Ronaldo to pay the woman to avoid image damage. For the Lusitanian newspaper, the attacker affirming his innocence, would have been opposed to pay the model the 375 thousand dollars provided by the confidentiality agreement.

These are the elements of a story that, starting from the almost general unbelief, goes from day to day, becoming more specific and growing in volume. Certainly something happened that night nine years ago in Las Vegas. Something that gave rise to an extra judicial agreement, that is, a payment to the woman to put a stone on it. Payment does not mean, it did not mean then admission of guilt. The lawyers advised him because it seemed good business and good price to give way to a great deal of violence. Give up, pay and get it done. Guilty or innocent if you were. Paying was then earning money because it ended there.

But it was not the time of Mee Too. Today having paid appears admission of guilt. Of gross negligence that is not extinguished with a compensated compensation. It is possible that the woman who today accuses Ronaldo simply wants more than she had years ago. And that therefore you never get to trial. And that if there is a trial, it will be word against word because evidence … nine years later?

But lawyers announce other women, other suspects announce themselves and gather. Cristiano Ronaldo player is invulnerable. CR7 company is already affected and risks other hits. Who goes on the pitch? If he's the only player, then Ronaldo will play until he wants. If in the field instead goes to CR7 company, then some chance that it should stop before there is.

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