Cristiano Ronaldo shows the “turtle” in the gym, then he goes to play golf

Cristiano Ronaldo mostra la "tartaruga" in palestra, poi va a giocare a golf

Cristiano Ronaldo shows the "turtle" in the gym, then goes to play golf (photo from Instagram)

MADRID – First the gym, then the golf for Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese champion of Juventus trained hard with two friends in the gym and then showed the abdominal "turtle" to his many fans. Then he went to play golf. Relax on the green for Cristiano Ronaldo who, in Madrid, taking advantage of the rest days given to Juventus by Massimiliano Allegri, has dedicated time to his new passion: golf.

Cristiano Ronaldo, golf is his new passion. The love for the green was born in Turin.

As Ansa writes, challenge in the challenge between the Portuguese champion, paired with Miguel Paixao (former teammate in Sporting Lisbon), and the duo composed by journalist Edu Aguirre and athletic trainer Tony Garcia Jimenez. With the match won just by CR7 and Paixao. The five-time Pallone d'Oro would have discovered the passion for the green right in Turin.

Cr7 closed its first Italian year with two titles. He won the Scudetto, the team's top scorer with 21 goals in 29 games, and the Italian Super Cup, scoring in the final against Milan. Cr7, on the other hand, failed to win the Italian Cup and the Champions League. In the Italian Cup he played two games without scoring, while in the Champions League he scored six goals in nine games played.

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