Cristiano Ronaldo shows the new braid look on Instagram, all thanks to Georgina…

TURIN – Cristiano Ronaldo is back in Turin in better shape than ever.

The Portuguese phenomenon wants to do and amaze .

Waiting to do it again on the field, he decided to leave everyone speechless with his new look.

Georgina helped him to create a hairstyle at least out of the ordinary.

During this coronavirus quarantine, Ronaldo's hair lengthened.

So Georgina decided to collect them in a braid that the Portuguese phenomenon had never sported before .

The look is very particular and for this reason all of his fans were surprised.

They were positively surprised because they filled it with likes and approval comments .

The first images of the Juventus striker's new look were published on Instagram by Georgina.

The partner of Cr7 did not limit himself to this, he also added the following explanation caption:

“I love to cuddle my loves. This afternoon I practice with braids (this model knows how to stay still) ”.

In the meantime, the phenomenon of the Portuguese national team has started training at Continassa after the mandatory quarantine period .

These are the first training sessions with Juventus after the halt for coronavirus but the Juventus phenomenon had also kept in shape in Portugal .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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