Cristiano Ronaldo show in the national team, Portugal’s sister and coach attack Sarri

Cristiano Ronaldo sorella Katia e ct Portogallo contro Sarri

Cristiano Ronaldo in the photo Ansa

TURIN – After Juve-Milan, Sarri presented himself on Sky Sport microphones, providing a version that is now virtually denying everyone. In short, Sarri had declared that he understood Ronaldo's reaction, infuriated by the change, because the Portuguese was playing despite being plagued by physical problems. In other words, according to what Sarri said, Ronaldo was sacrificing himself for the team instead of resting to calmly recover from his physical problems.

Then came Portugal and lots of distance barbs putting pressure on Sarri. After the triplet of Cristiano Ronaldo to Lithuania, his sister Katia published a post on Instagram with the words: "With him you don't mess around …".

The reference to Sarri is clear. Shortly after, Portugal coach Fernando Santos said: "Never had any doubts about Cristiano Ronaldo. He is very well from the physical point of view and we have seen him on the pitch. Unbelievable that there is someone who has doubts about him … ". Here too, the reference to the Juventus coach is quite clear. Sarri's ears will be whistled …

Here is what Sarri had said, to Sky Sport, after the outburst of Cristiano Ronaldo at the time of the substitution in Juventus-Milan.

"Ronaldo should be thanked because he made a sacrifice to play. He was not in optimal condition but despite this he made sacrifices to be there. So if he goes out and gets angry, he can stay there, it's not a problem. I appreciated his desire to be there, his desire for sacrifice to take the field.

Ronaldo's problem is not age, it's not old. He has recently suffered knee pain and collateral resentment. So when you are training intensely or playing games at high levels, you are accused of physical pain. So he also has difficulty when he shoots on goal.

I will not pull his ears, I will be tolerant, because when you take away a player who is giving everything, it is normal for us to be upset. In fact I also tell you that I would be worried about the contrary. It means that the player is alive, that he cares. That's fine for me then I will always decide for the best of the team, like tonight. "

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