Cristiano Ronaldo “rosicone”? Sorrentino: “I saved the penalty and he didn’t give me the shirt”

TURIN – Cristiano Ronaldo does not like to lose. Everyone has understood this by now. In fact, every time he does not win an international prize, he does not show up at the gala evening (Golden Ball docet …).

But sometimes team success is not enough for Ronaldo . It is not enough for his club to raise the cup, he must be the undisputed protagonist of the final.

So it happens that Real Madrid wins his third consecutive Champions League but he is dark-faced for not scoring in the final against Liverpool …

From there the farewell to Real Madrid to move to Juventus.

This year the Golden Ball went to Messi, Ronaldo's mother spoke of the mafia in football that penalizes her son and Cr7 did not show up to go and collect the award for best player in Serie A.

Now Sorrentino's interview with Sky Sport appears, revealing another background on the "rosicone" Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cr7 had promised him the shirt but then the goalkeeper, who played in Chievo Verona last year, saved the penalty and the Portuguese didn't give it to him anymore.

The statements made by Sorrentino on Cristiano Ronaldo to Sky Sport are reported by

“I agreed with CR7 to exchange the shirt at the end of the game, but after the error from the penalty spot it was clear that he was angry. Since he is a champion, he never misses and that was his first wrong penalty in Italy.

In the locker room he complimented me, he shook my hand but he left without giving me the shirt, dark in the face. In the end I took Dybala's, it went well for me anyway. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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