Cristiano Ronaldo, quarrel with Sarri during Juventus-Turin: the reasons

Bad fight between Cristiano Ronaldo and Maurizio Sarri during the first half of the Juventus-Turin derby. In the first half of the game, Cr7 didn't score and was quite nervous about being out of the game.

So Ronaldo complained to Sarri about receiving a few balls. In these stadiums without fans, for the now known events of the coronavirus, you can hear everything. So Ronaldo's protests against Sarri were heard by everyone.

How did Sarri reply? With an Olympic calm. No screams, no curses. The Juventus coach told Cr7 to maintain his position on the pitch.

But this is precisely the problem … Ronaldo hates playing outside because he is no longer 20 years old.

The physique of the Portuguese is sculpted but the speed is no longer that of the best times. The external Ronaldo arrives in front of the door with little clarity and does not have many scoring chances.

Cr7 is completely overshadowed by Dybala, a footballer who is the best on the pitch from several games.

Dybala plays where Ronaldo would like to be. He is Juventus 'number nine' (even if he has the number ten shirt …).

Sarri has decided and Cristiano Ronaldo is unable to swallow the bitter morsel. Juventus center forward is Dybala. Cr7 must act as his wingman by running twice the Argentine in the attacking external position.

Ronaldo disagrees and the quarrels with Sarri are destined to last forever because the spark never broke out between them.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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