Cristiano Ronaldo pardoned by Uefa: no disqualification, only a fine of 20,000 euros

Cristiano Ronaldo graziato dalla Uefa, solo multa di 20.000 euro

Cristiano Ronaldo pardoned by Uefa, only a fine of 20,000 euros. Photo

TURIN – Twenty thousand euro fine: this is the sanction imposed by UEFA Cristiano Ronaldo for rude gesture aimed at fans of Atletico Madrid after the game won by Juventus 3-0 in Turin. Simeone, protagonist of a similar gesture to the first leg, had been fined the same amount.

Cristiano Ronaldo turned his back on the Atletico Madrid fans at the Stadium, while Diego Pablo Simeone had made the same gesture towards his fans and not the opponents to tell them that his team had two such attributes. Two equal gestures but with different recipients. Cristiano Ronaldo has turned the rally to the opposing fans as a sign of teasing and in these cases the disqualification should be automatically triggered pursuant to Article 15 paragraph 6 of the disciplinary regulations of the UEFA.

That's why Uefa didn't disqualify Cristiano Ronaldo

Fortunately, Uefa opened an investigation and investigated it mainly for "improper conduct", pursuant to Article 11, paragraph "b" and "d" of its disciplinary regulation: the first concerns the "violation of basic rules of conduct ", the second" the discredit brought to football and UEFA ". These two articles do not provide for disqualification as a maximum sanction but only a fine.

Juventus and his fans breathe a sigh of relief because they will be able to see the Portuguese champion in the quarter-finals of the Champions League against Ajax. Insidious game because the Dutch in the first knockout round of the Champions League have eliminated the reigning European champions of Real Madrid.

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