Cristiano Ronaldo jr in trouble for driving a jet ski at just 10 years old. Here’s what risks

Cristiano Ronaldo jr is in trouble for riding a jet ski at just 10 years of age (to do this you need a license that can only be obtained with adulthood).

The news on Cristiano Ronaldo jr behind the wheel of the jet ski was published by the Sun who took a cue from a video uploaded on social networks by Elma Aveiro, sister of the champion of Juventus ( here the video posted on YouTube ).

Ronaldo's son drove a jet ski in Paul do Mar in the south of the island of Madeira.

The video was removed shortly afterwards but the omelette was now done. According to what was written by the Sun, the head of the local maritime police, Guerreiro Cardoso, confirmed that an investigation is underway on Ronaldo's son.

In Portugal, it is only possible to ride a jet ski with a license that is issued to people who have reached the age of majority. Obviously Ronaldo jr had neither the license nor the age required to ride a jet ski.

So what is at risk? What all other offenders risk, that is a fine for driving without a valid license that varies between 13,000 and 67,000 dollars.

At the moment, neither Cristiano Ronaldo nor his other family members reported the news to the media or on social networks.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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