Cristiano Ronaldo, here is his plan for when he returns to Juve

Cristiano Ronaldo il suo piano per quando tornerà alla Juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo in the photo Ansa

ROME – Cristiano Ronaldo has regained his smile with the Portuguese national team and at the moment he only thinks of committing himself to give his country the qualification for Euro 2020 but, according to what reported by the Corriere dello Sport, Cr7 would already have a plan for when it returns to the Juventus . On his return to Turin, Ronaldo should apologize to coach Maurizio Sarri and his teammates . Meanwhile, the Portuguese champion has already taken a first step by posting a post on Instagram to celebrate the success of the Bianconeri on Milan.

In reality, at least from the public point of view, the teammates seem to have already understood the behavior of Cristiano Ronaldo. Szczesny played down Juventus Milan's post game to Sky Sport, saying: "There is no problem with Cristiano Ronaldo. And then, what do you think, if Sarri had taken me away, I too would have reacted like this (he said it laughing) … ".

Waiting for the return to Turin for clarification with coach and team-mates, Ronaldo is training hard because Portugal must win the last two games against Lithuania (last in the standings) and Luxembourg (second-to-last in the standings) to keep Serbia away and for qualify for Euro 2020.

First place is not achievable because Ukraine is too far away but second place is also good for qualifying for Euro 2020. These two games could also allow Cr7 to increase its career achievement.

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