Cristiano Ronaldo at Malaga, when the deal faded to just 2 million

Cristiano Ronaldo al Malaga, quando l'affare sfumò per appena 2 milioni

Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer from Sporting Lisbon to Malaga jumped for just two million euros (photo Ansa)

MALAGA (SPAIN) – Cristiano Ronaldo was one step away from Malaga when he was 17 years old. This was revealed by Carlos Rincon, the trusted man of the president of the Spanish club Sarafin Roldan.

Sporting Lisbon had valued the Cr7 price tag 3.5 million euros, the Spanish club was willing to reach a maximum of 1.5 million euros. In short, between the two clubs they danced just 2 million euros, nothing if we consider what would have become Cristiano Ronaldo. At the time, Malaga was one of the best clubs in Spain, in 2013 it went up to the Champions League quarter-finals. Now the club has fallen out of favor and has slipped to the Segunda Division of Spanish football.

That's why Cristiano Ronaldo was not purchased from Malaga.

The declarations made by Carlos Rincon to ElDesmarque Málaga are reported by “At the time I enjoyed the great confidence of the president. Our guideline was very simple: strengthen the youth sector, take elements that would guarantee us excellent medium-term performance and that would then allow us to obtain subsequent economic gains.

We had to get to the players before the big clubs, so we followed all the big events in Europe, America and Africa and I had the phone numbers of the three best of the various tournaments.

Having received the various green light, I made contact with their families and agents and saw if the team was viable. Cristiano Ronaldo was already managed by Jorge Mendes; we offered him 1.5 million euros, they wanted 3.5 too many for us.

Already at the time Cristiano was a physically powerful footballer, with a spectacular shot as well as technical ability. Obviously we have regrets, because Cristiano is one of the best in history but we could not compete with Manchester United, with Ferguson who fell in love with him ".

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