Cristiano Ronaldo: 700 goals and 43 million euros from Instagram ads. Better than Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo: 43 mln euro su Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo

ROME – The sports social bar has declared its undisputed champion, the most loved, the most clicked. The richest. According to the Buzz Bingo specialist ranking, Cristiano Ronaldo on Instagram has collected over 43 million euros over the last 12 months.

More than twice his historic rival: Messi is second with 21 million (and about twenty goals from the 700 just made …). CR7, now a global brand, has defeated all the other players (another 5 among the top ten), influencers and web stars (such as the perhaps declining Kardashan sisters and the Jenner sisters).

The ranking examines the most rewarding aspect of social fame: the revenue from advertising on the pages posted on the Instagram account.

"Thanks to the 49 sponsored posts of $ 975,000 each (882,000 euros) – reports Simona Marchetti in the Corriere della Sera) -, CR7 has collected something like 47.8 million dollars (equal to 43.2 million euros), while Messi had to settle (so to speak) for 23.3 million dollars (21.1 million euros), compared with 36 promotional posts of 648,000 dollars (586,000 euros) each ”.

The declarations of income of the characters considered are authentic. Ronaldo boasts 186 million followers, Messi 133. But what matters is the price for each single spot. In the top ten also the former English champion David Bechkam, fourth, Neymar jr. sixth and Ibrahimovic seventh. Plus another famous ex like Ronaldinho, ninth. (source Corriere della Sera, Buzz Bingo)

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