Cristiano Lucarelli: “Privileged players? A cliche. In C they earn as workers … “

LIVORNO – Cristiano Lucarelli , a former striker from Livorno and the Italian national team, lets himself go to the microphones of Tutti Convocato on Radio 24.

According to Lucarelli, the image of the footballer rich with big car and tissue paper in tow is only a cliché.

For the former Livorno striker, there are many players who are starving in Serie C in the same way as the workers.

The declarations issued by the former footballer of Livorno and the Italian National Team to all called up on Radio 24 are reported by

"Inca … like a beast when I hear talks about privileged players.

In the collective imagination, the footballer is married to the tissue, turns in Ferrari and goes to the disco.

In Serie A and B there are five hundred players, in Lega PRO there are one thousand five hundred who earn as a normal worker ".

During his career as a professional footballer, Lucarelli has played in three countries ( Italy, Spain and Ukraine ) scoring a total of 221 goals in 551 games.

Cristiano Lucarelli also dressed six times in the Italian national football team shirt scoring three goals ( two goals for South Africa and a goal for Serbia and Montenegro which at that time formed a single national team).

Cristiano Lucarelli won the Serie A scorer rankings in 2005 with 24 active goals.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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