Cristiana Girelli in tears, the symbolic photo of Italian Women: out of the World Championship with her head held high

Cristiana Girelli in lacrime, la foto simbolo dell' Italia Femminile: fuori dal Mondiale a testa alta

Cristiana Girelli in tears, the symbolic photo of Female Italy: out of the World Championship with her head held high (Sky Sport still image)

VALENCIENNES – Italy for Women came out of the World Championship with their heads held high. Her cup won it, she managed to make the Italians who preferred her fall in love, listen to the hand, even to the men. The Italians have earned this affection in the field. They won a group with battleships like Brazil and Australia and passed China in the round of 16 with authority.

In the quarters, they collapsed against the greater physicality of the European champions in charge of the Netherlands. The photo of Cristiana Girelli in tears on the bench is the mirror of this team that made the country fall in love not only with the results but also, if not above all, with the heart and humanity shown by Italian girls.

Cristiana Girelli in tears, the fans console her on social networks.

The whole nation, squeezed around the Italian player who burst into tears on the bench in the 80th minute, after the second goal by the Netherlands which effectively eliminated our national team from the World Cup.

Peppe wrote: "You gave us a football summer like we hadn't seen in a long time. Your tears are ours. Simply THANK YOU ". Ariansia tweeted: "raga let me embrace all that I can't see them in tears ". Marzia wanted to express her closeness also to Bonansea: "the Bonansea with a broken voice and tears in her eyes". Don congratulated the Italians: "Maybe we found a stronger opponent, you made us dream and now I am sure that tears will turn into smiles tomorrow. Thank you you have made blue back in fashion ".

Giovanni quoted a film: "Now it would take Gandalf's final speech:" I will not tell you you are not crying , because not all tears are bad ". Until next time, girls! ". Martina spent beautiful words for the Italian company: "THANK YOU THANK YOU # Blue The tears of disappointment are there but there is no reason to cry !! Only pride! You have passionate women, girls and boys for football and you have changed history, wonders !! "

In short, despite the knockout against the Netherlands, the blue expedition to France was a triumph. Now the federation will have to be good at not wasting all this love that has been created around women's football. It is time to make this sporting movement grow definitively.

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