Crespo: “When I was young and single, there were always many girls …”

ROME – Hernan Crespo told Marca about his early years as a footballer: “I made my debut in great football at the age of 18 and I met my wife when I was 27. At home I never introduced a girlfriend. I was single, famous, young, I had the money: all privileges that I used. I did many things, I never missed anything. There were always many girls … ".

But the former striker from Parma , Lazio, Milan and Inter has always focused on football, unlike many young people nowadays: “With the televisions in football money has arrived and also the consequences for the players: the fame, money, women … But today I see some players who seek only this side of football as their priority ".

Crespo also reveals the background of the market that could bring him to Real Madrid in 2002: “I was playing in Lazio and Real had to choose between me and Ronaldo, in the end he chose him and I went to Inter. In 2009 then the Blancos still looked for me but they offered me only six months of contract and in the end I refused ”.

There is also room for the national team . The 2002 World Cup, the one in which Argentina exited sensationally in the first round, is an open wound. “Bielsa didn't want Batistuta and me to play together, she never tried. In the beginning what was supposed to be playing was me. I was starter until the last training, then the first game of the world against Nigeria arrives and Marcelo puts Batistuta. I couldn't do more … ". (source BRAND)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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