Count, vent and then goodbye: it’s a classic. Bari, Siena, Juve, Chelsea …

A film seen and reviewed. When Conte takes it out on camera, he leaves his club. It has already happened with Bari, Siena, Juve and Chelsea.

For better or for worse, it is always the usual Antonio Conte . Yesterday's outburst is a photocopy of those already shown in his old clubs. The scheme is now almost mechanical: first the outburst, then the farewell. It has already happened with Bari, Siena, Juventus and Chelsea.

Conte's pre-farewell outbursts are recalled by the Gazzetta dello Sport in an article by Adriano Seu.


Conte relegated to the last day due to the surprising defeat of Juventus against Spezia. Here is his outlet.

“This relegation confirms things I already knew. There is a lot of talk about clean football, then these things happen. Now it looks like the bad guys are all out and the football is clean. Hurray, we are all happy. I respect the Juventus fans, but I have little respect for the team ”.


After bringing Bari to Serie A, and having signed the renewal of the contract, Conte unleashes himself in an unexpected way in the press room. Shortly after he will resign.

“For Bari I worked day and night, but I felt betrayed and I didn't want to be fooled anymore. The club was aware of what it meant to marry my project and support my idea of ​​football. Unfortunately, trust has failed ”.


Siena is third but Conte but is convinced of winning Serie A on the field and is furious at the many criticisms received from journalists.

“You don't want the good of Siena. You are pseudo connoisseurs who shoot ca..ate. Thank the Lord who is Count and stay home, owls. We in Serie A will go there (prophecy duly fulfilled), but then that nobody gets on that ca..o of wagon ”.


After winning three consecutive league titles, Conte wants more on the transfer market to do well in Europe too. But his is a brusque request because it puts society on the wall in favor of the camera.

“You can't eat in a luxury restaurant with ten euros in your pocket”.

The reference was to the Champions League. Shortly after, the farewell with the bianconeri.


After winning the Scudetto in his first year with Chelsea, Conte is sent away because he publicly criticizes the company for not getting players he has insisted on (Alex Sandro, Sanchez and Lukaku). To all this we must add the difficult relationship with part of the Blues locker room (Diego Costa above all …).


In Milan, Conte criticized the company continuously. First for the transfer market considered unsatisfactory, then for the alleged low weight of Inter in the control room. The rest is already history (source La Gazzetta dello Sport ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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