Count at Inter, Curva Nord: “We’re not Juve”. Mentana: “Ranting words”

Count at Inter, Curva Nord: "We're not Juve". Mentana: "Ranting words"

Count at Inter, Curva Nord: "We're not Juve". Mentana: "Ranting words"

ROME – Enrico Mentana comments harshly on the Inter Curva Nord communiqué dedicated to Antonio Conte , the new Nerazzurri coach . In the statement, the North Curve of Inter writes: " We are not Juventus . Winning for us is not the only thing that matters. We point out in a firm and decisive way that the North Curve certainly cannot forget its Juventus and judicial past, "reads a message published on Facebook.

"We accept the fact that from certain suspicions he has released himself by expiating the sentences that have affected him, although the guilt for the very long militancy in a society from which we consider ourselves light years away for style and values ​​remains indelible", continues the Curva Nord. "Our concern is above all the moral aspect. Being Inter is to win in the respect of the adversary, to accept defeat, sentences and not to look for alibis. Good job to Mr. Conte with the hope of showing us soon to be up to Inter, "concludes the Curve.

"I just read a ranting statement from Inter's North Curve about the arrival of the new coach Conte" are therefore the words of the director of La7, a well-known Inter fan, reported on his Facebook page. Mentana added: "In addition to the rest, already shocking in itself, there is a long tirade on Conte's legal history. Written by those who have been guilty of sporting and criminal crimes every season, and a few months ago he orchestrated the ambush against the opposing fans before Inter-Napoli, and he made them out of sorts and crude, even with unworthy chants towards anyone, Inter player or other teams, didn't like him or kissed his slipper ". Finally, the journalist concluded: "Most of the ultras groups are like that, but I don't know what to do with the" common ill ", and I hope that the company and all the Serie A League undertake a liberation operation once and for all of stadiums, without fear ”. (source Facebook).

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