Coronavirus, Zazzaroni in Cassano: “But you’ve never worked, who cares about being in quarantine?”

GENOA – Nice curtain between Ivan Zazzaroni and Antonio Cassano during an interview given by Fant'Antonio to Corriere dello Sport.

Cassano complained that he was no longer out of the house, Zazzaroni made fun of him saying: “But you have never worked in your life, what do you care to stay in quarantine? ".

Cassano spoke about the coronavirus:

“But Ivan, I tell you the sincere truth, the first few days I took it superficially, I said ah oh well it is something that does not affect us, it does not touch us.

But then every day that at 6 pm I see Sky Tg 24 and civil protection and say dead, dead, dead, contagion easy to take, here is a little bit, I tell you the sincere truth, it is not that I am afraid but a little worried there is 'ho, because I say hell, it can happen to everyone, and it's a concern.

But then I don't know, will we go back to normal life tomorrow? Boh, I don't know what tomorrow will be like, I don't know … ".

Cassano also spoke of the reduction in salaries of Serie A players for the coronavirus emergency :

“So Ivan, you are a person who has been in football for 40 years and passes. If Juve cut wages by not paying them, March, April, May and June, it is because this championship will almost certainly not be played again, because otherwise there is no reason.

Because if they even say, May and June do not pay wages, we cut wages and have communicated it means that the championship will not resume. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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