Coronavirus, who wins the championship in case of suspension of the championship?

Coronavirus, chi vince lo scudetto in caso di sospensione del campionato?

Coronavirus, who wins the championship if the championship is suspended?

ROME – Sunday's games were played for the broken headphones. The sports minister had asked for the immediate interruption of the championship, thanks to the support of the footballers' association and the FIGC, but the League A opposed claiming that the institutions declare whether to play or not, without leaving room for more evaluations. or less personal. For this reason, the parties will meet on Tuesday, in the extraordinary assembly of the FIGC, to decide whether to close or continue the championship.

Hence the question that all fans are asking: "Who wins the championship if the championship is interrupted?". According to the regulations, the answer should be "nobody". But it's not as easy as it seems because Uefa wants a list with the teams that will participate in the next editions of Champions and Europa League. So it is still mandatory to draw up a ranking to be submitted to UEFA.

Coronavirus, who wins the championship if the championship is stopped? There are no rules on this.

In case of interruption of the championship before its natural term, there are no rules on the awarding of the Scudetto, neither within the FIGC statute nor in that of the Serie A League . The parties could agree to recover such a number of games to bring all teams to the same number of games.

In that case, the scudetto could be assigned to the team that is in front of this point of the championship. But this is only a hypothesis because the regulations do not provide for the award of the championship in the event of a championship break.

The parties could also decide not to assign the scudetto to anyone, sending the teams that deserve it at this point in the championship to the Champions League and Europa League. And the same would be true for relegations.

But this obviously would result in a sea of ​​controversy. Everyone says "health first", as it should be, but no one is willing to accept a demotion or ex officio award assigned to others. Difficult weeks from all points of view await us. May common sense win (for once).

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