Coronavirus, Villar trains at home by dribbling with toilet paper

Coronavirus, Villar si allena in casa palleggiando con la carta igienica

Coronavirus, Villar trains at home dribbling with toilet paper (from social networks)

ROME – The coronavirus has stopped football all over Europe. Even in Italy there is no longer playing. For this reason, the Serie A players have decided to train at home.

In short, staying at home ok but keeping in training. Villar , who arrived in Rome last January from Elche, is refining his technique through dribbles with toilet paper.

His particular training method was appreciated by Roma fans who filled him with likes.

Coronavirus, the campaign carried out by Rome.

AS Roma CEO Guido Fienga publicly thanked Roma fans who are making their contribution to the club's campaign to counter COVID-19.

With over 25,000 people infected and more than 1,800 deaths, Italy is the second country most affected by the Coronavirus after China.

On Thursday the Giallorossi company launched an initiative on GoFundMe to raise funds to purchase diagnostic and clinical equipment dedicated to assisting infected patients, to be donated to the Lazzaro Spallanzani Hospital.

President Pallotta and Roma Cares have donated 50,000 euros each as a starting point and so far more than 75,000 euros have come from the fans, to which have been added several sums from anonymous beneficiaries.

In the last hours, the campaign has therefore managed to exceed 250 thousand euros, thus reaching halfway compared to the pre-set goal of 500 thousand euros.

"The response to the initiative has been incredible," said Fienga, who in turn offered 10,000 euros to the cause.

“Our supporters, from Rome, Italy and from all over the world, are making their contribution to purchase equipment that the hospital needs with the utmost urgency and I want to thank them.

In our company we are all working hard to support the initiative and players and technical staff are ready to make a great contribution in this regard.

We know how much Italy is suffering and how fearful people are at a time like this, but the doctors and nurses of Spallanzani and hospitals all over Italy are doing an extraordinary job. We have a responsibility to offer them all our support. "

Since the launch of the campaign, Roma has already ordered 25,000 FFP2 masks, 1,500 FFP3 masks, 1,400 surgical masks, 120 bottles of 500 ml of hand sanitizer and 4,000 of 80 ml.

On Sunday the club delivered the first 600 surgical masks to the Sant'Andrea hospital in Rome (source site As Roma).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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