Coronavirus, UEFA surrenders: closes European football and gives up the money

Coronavirus, UEFA surrenders: closes European football and gives up the money

Coronavirus, UEFA surrenders: European football closes and gives up the money (Photo Ansa)

ROME – In the end, UEFA too had to surrender to the coronavirus . Until the end, he tried to keep the Champions League and Europa League going . Send them ahead despite everything, send them forward why? For the show? Yes of course, even for that. But above all for an economic discussion, for money in short. Because even with games behind closed doors, the real loot comes from TV rights, therefore from the games broadcast by the various broadcasters.

Not a small renunciation, but little else could be done. Postponing some games yes and others did not make sense (Atletico Madrid for example, with whom and when would he play?). So better to postpone everything, close for the moment, as they have already done in Italy, Spain and even England.

"In light of the developments due to the spread of COVID-19 in Europe and the related decisions taken by various governments – reads the note issued by the governing body of European football – all the matches of the UEFA club competitions scheduled for next week they are postponed ". The meeting to decide the future of all the other Uefa-branded competitions, including the 2020 European Championships, is scheduled for Tuesday.

So nothing Bayern-Chelsea, scheduled for 18 behind closed doors, also in consideration of the postponement of the match of the Blues in Premier. And nothing Barcelona-Naples , but in fact it was obvious: since Gattuso's team could not travel to Spain, the game could have been played to the maximum on neutral (and indoors). No Juve-Lyon and no City-Real Madrid, but these two challenges had already been postponed.

Stop also to the Europa League, at least the 6 games scheduled, waiting for decisions on Inter-Getafe and Sevilla-Roma . And also stop youth competitions: in addition to the Youth League, the Under 19 and Under 17 European men's and women's matches have been postponed. The competitions had reached the Elite Phase, the second qualifying round to promote the finalists of the respective tournaments. The recoveries are to be defined, and the economic loss is also to be defined. (Source Ansa).

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