Coronavirus, UEFA has decided: the championships first. Champions and Europa League in July or August

NYON – UEFA has gathered to make a decision on the continuation of the football season, stopped by the coronavirus .

UEFA has decided to prioritize national championships. As soon as they are finished, all the attention will be focused on the European cups that could be completed even in late July or even in August.

UEFA has specified another thing, even if the priority goes to the national championships, which will have to select the teams participating in the European cups of the next season, Champions and Europa League will be finished regardless of them.

Let's take an example talking about our Serie A. Even if the Italian championship does not resume, the Champions and Europa League would still be completed.

UEFA has taken this decision to allow all nations to complete the national championships but has also decided to give maximum visibility to the European cups.

Without the European football championships, without the America's Cup and without the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, all media attention would be directed towards the Europa League and the Champions League.

UEFA is perfectly aware of this and for this reason it has already given the go ahead to cancel the friendly matches of the National teams that should have taken place in June to make room for the national championships.

Then the grand finale, in the summer, with the European cups.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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