Coronavirus, two players from Cosenza have refused the call-up?

Coronavirus, Ansa

Coronavirus, two players from Cosenza refused the call-up? (photo Ansa)

ROME – Two soccer players from Cosenza, Cosenza Tommaso D'Orazio and Mirko Bruccini, for fear of the coronavirus emergency, refused the call-up in view of the match tonight, Monday 9 March, in Verona against Chievo. At least this is a first reconstruction of FanPage and

At the moment, the news is still fragmented and unclear. Now all that remains is to wait for the next few hours to understand what will happen tonight.

Coronavirus, Marcello Lippi: "In China they executed those who ran away, in Italy they go skiing"

"In China they executed those who ran away, in Italy they go skiing."

Marcello Lippi, who worked for Guangzhou Evergrande in China from 2012 to 2015 and for the technical staff of the Chinese National from 2016 to 2019, a 90-minute guest, explains:

" Coronavirus ? They told me that things are improving a lot. In China there have been exceptional numbers, but they have faced it with such determination and severity. For example, here in Italy I heard that an infected person had run away from the red area to go skiing and then he got hurt and they treated him. Over there, however, those who fled the red areas executed him. " And then he added: “They are much more severe in enforcing the laws. They have important doctors and scientists and are slowly finding a way out. They told me that things are improving, that the healed are increasing a lot and I think they will resume the championship in mid-April ".

“Stop the championship? The time has come to make decisions. As a person who has worked for so many years in football, I can say that for a footballer it is difficult not to hug after scoring a goal, especially in an important match for safety or for another goal. It is almost impossible, anyone who has done sports can imagine it. We have reached levels where decisions have to be made. I think the championship will stop because if we reach a level of 1000-1500 infected per day it means that we must stop, but everything must stop. It means that the players don't have to train anymore, since they stay together all day and it's easy to get infected. Football has to be stopped and everything else has to stop. The time has come to do something important. "

Source: FanPage.

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