Coronavirus, Tommasi launches alarm: “Serie C and D players earn little …”

ROME – While the national media does nothing but talk about the issue of reducing salaries for Serie A players to face the coronavirus emergency , Damiano Tommasi , president of the Italian football association , focuses his attention on Serie C players and D who earn much less …

His statements to Rainews24 are reported by

"Monza? These are agreements that clubs are individually starting to look for with their members.

What we are talking about with the Pro League is a theme that we care about, which are the lowest incomes.

Especially in Lega Pro, Serie D and in women's football there are players who keep the family with very low incomes, but who risk today not being respected for the crisis.

The attempt we are making is to understand if the resources that are saved and that are managed to recover from the system can help to have at least a guarantee and protection of these lower wages, certainly not comparable to what we hear in the newspapers of the great samples. 70% of Pro league players earn less than € 50,000 gross. "

“There are many young people who today do not have a perspective ahead because it is not known when and if they will start playing again.

Serie D has more than 160 teams and it is difficult to find a total security situation in the whole territory and therefore the risk of ending early is very high and this obviously puts many kids who live on football in difficulty.

Beyond the protection of the health of individual athletes, I believe that we also have the responsibility to restart a machine that does not only involve athletes, coaches and managers, but also warehouse workers, masseurs, drivers, field workers.

All these people must be made safe and go back to work when conditions permit.

As we have seen, the start of a new outbreak is too fast and we cannot afford it "(sources Rainews24 and

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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