Coronavirus, Tommasi: “Euro 2020 must be moved”. Ceferin: “Don’t panic”

Coronavirus, Tommasi: "Euro 2020 va spostato". Ceferin: "Niente panico"

Coronavirus, Tommasi: "Euro 2020 must be moved". Ceferin: "Don't panic" (photo Ansa)

ROME – Less than a hundred days to Euro 2020, the traveling European football championship which will also be played in Rome. In our country, but also in the UEFA building, there are questions about the possible shift of competition in light of the threat posed by the coronavirus.

"UEFA must take into consideration the possibility of moving the European football championship, giving time to the championships: the Coronavirus problem is not only Italian". Damiano Tommasi , president of the association, announces to ANSA that he will be the spokesman for the matter at the next European board of players 'unions'.

“In A it was decided that games should be held behind closed doors: among the players there are those who agree to go ahead and those who are worried. Now we will take all precautions, but the players on the field also risk: and in the event of a contagion, the quarantine rules also apply to professionals ".

Ceferin (UEFA president): "Coronavirus is a serious problem but things will get better before Euro 2020".

“Obviously it's a serious matter, we have to put it on top of the topics to be dealt with and get to grips with it, since we organize many events. But I remain optimistic and I think things will be under control before the European starts. So I'm not worried. "

So the president of UEFA, Alexandr Ceferin, to the British Sky Sports in his first interview with a media from overseas after the disqualification of Manchester City for violations of financial fair play. But given the current situation, the president of UEFA, more than the 'Citizens', could not fail to talk about Euro 2020 and the risk of cancellation linked to Coronavirus.

But if the situation persists or has not yet completely disappeared, is there a possibility that the number of cities that will host the tournament will be reduced? Or is there a possibility that some games can be played behind closed doors?

“I don't even want to think about such an eventuality – replies Ceferin -, because for now we are sure that everything will go as we expected. For example, we have already booked hotels in London for the semi-finals and the final and it would be a problem if we couldn't go there. "

“Being panicked, talking about it obsessively does not mean taking the situation seriously – concludes Ceferin -. Instead, I think the appropriate way is to do it calmly and therefore without panic "(source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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