Coronavirus, Timo Hübers is the first positive footballer in Germany

Coronavirus, Timo Hübers è il primo calciatore positivo in Germania

Coronavirus, Timo Hübers is the first positive footballer in Germany (freeze frame from YouTube video)

HANNOVER (GERMANY) – After the positive players in Italy, here is the first case of a coronavirus positive player in Germany. This is Timo Hübers, defender of Hannover 96 , a club that plays in the Serie B of German football.

Timo Hübers, who is completely asymptomatic, would have been infected during an event in the city of Hildesheim. How did you find out? A friend of his, who had accompanied him to the event, felt bad, so the footballer decided to undergo the tampon.

The swab was successful and Timo Hübers, after consulting with the medical staff of Hannover 96, decided to begin his period of isolation from home. In this way, Timo Hübers did not infect his other teammates and also avoided problems for Hannover 96's opponents.

During his career as a professional footballer, Timo Hübers has worn the jerseys of Cologne and Hannover 96. He has never managed to play in the first team with Cologne but has made 21 appearances with a goal in the second team.

After joining Hannover, he played first with the second team and then later became an immovable holder of the first team. With Hannover 96 he played both in the Bundesliga, which is the Serie A of German football, and in the second division, where the club is located at the moment.

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