Coronavirus, the yellow of Inter-Cagliari. 23 players out of 25 with a fever? Club: Only flu

ROME – Inter-Cagliari of 26 January is now a case, a detective story.

But let's forget about referees and champions, about football and treads.

Yesterday, the mighty Belgian center forward Lukaku , also an intelligent and multilingual boy, launched what in other times we would have called a "bomb", like the most improbable news of the transfer market.

He says, he told his fellow countryman and colleague Dries Mertens's girlfriend that 23 out of 25 players showed clear flu symptoms that day.

That coronavirus was already circulating in Lombardy is more than plausible, we know this a posteriori, but we know it.

But that Pinetina, the home of Inter, was harboring an outbreak of the virus would be quite sensational.

The company, ensures the Gazzetta dello Sport, did not intend to take its driver head on, but it seems to have been very irritated, so to speak.

The player's story is too confusing, the memory blurred.

That day, they let the club filter, only three players were out of influence: De Vrij, D'Ambrosio and Skriniar , the latter feverish but convinced that he could play until after twenty minutes he had to surrender.

Lukaku must remember badly when he says that after the game he immediately went to bed without attending dinner and club events: the game was played at 12.30.

This is for the sake of completeness, and it is only fair that society somehow gets it put on record.

But like Skriniar, others have tried to force themselves despite the fever.

Lukaku himself remembers having finished the match exhausted, having felt the bite of the flu (which hadn't happened to him for years) during the warm-up.

The only certainty – it is Romelu himself to admit it – we will never have it: of tampons then – a geological era has passed – nothing was known yet.

But that after some time the tachycardia of the coach Conte at the end of the game is still associated with anger for the alleged errors or wrongful referees is an insult to intelligence.

And sometimes, see Ronaldo at Juventus, even the least reliable bombs end up exploding. (source Gazzetta dello Sport)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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