Coronavirus, the strange home workout of Trae Young VIDEO

Coronavirus, lo strano allenamento domestico di Trae Young VIDEO

Coronavirus, Trae Young's strange home workout (photo from VIDEO YouTube)

ATLANTA (UNITED STATES) – The NBA has decided to stop the American basketball championship after the coronavirus positivity of Gobert, Mitchell and Mudiay.

So even NBA basketball players were forced to invent alternative home trainings.

On social media, Trae Young's workout is depopulated. The Atlanta Hawks star recently joined the first All Stars Game of his young career.

Young is a player with an extraordinary technique, he is an excellent shooter from three and many remember the first Steph Curry , legend of the Golden State Warriors.

During the last All Stars Weekend, Young also participated in the three-point race but was unable to win it.

This defeat did not go down and from that moment on he started training even more intensely in distance shooting.

During this forced break of the NBA, Young is perfecting his shooting technique with a very special training.

The Atlanta Hawks star has rolled up his socks and turned them into imaginary basketballs. Instead of the basket, there is the rubbish bin.

Young's goal is to make as many baskets as possible in series, just like in the three-point race.

Baskets with black socks are worth one point, while baskets with white socks are worth two points (YouTube video).

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