Coronavirus, the news for Roma players: shower in the room and no longer have lunch together

ROME – Rome, as well as the other Serie A clubs , is preparing for the resumption of training set after May 4th.

These workouts will have to be done safely so Trigoria will be used in anti coronavirus function.

According to what Chiara Zucchelli writes on, the Giallorossi should copy the " German model ".

That is, the players should train in groups of 6, maximum 7, people . Group training will no longer be carried out as it was in a normal situation .

Since the players will train in different time slots , team lunch has been abolished , a practice which Mr. Fonseca was very fond of.

Fonseca held at the group lunch to make the locker room more solid but in coronavirus times it is obviously not possible.

Already the changing room, a place that will no longer be used! Not as long as there is still a threat from the coronavirus

Each player will have a personalized room .

In this room he will have to change, before and after training, and he will have to take a shower in total solitude in order not to have close contacts with the rest of the team.

Even during training, the players will try to keep the safety distance by focusing above all on athletic tests and tactical exercises .

As said, the players will no longer have lunch together but will be able to consume snacks, in total solitude, before and after the training session.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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