Coronavirus, the Coni suspends the sport until April 3. Does Serie A stop too?

Coronavirus, Coni stops sport until April 3. Serie A too?

Coronavirus, Coni stops sport until April 3. Serie A too? (pictured ANSA Malagò)

ROME – Stop all Italian sport until April 3, but first you need a special decree of the Prime Minister. It is the decision of the Cones and the federations on the Coronavirus emergency. Malagò and the federal presidents "suspended all sporting activities at all levels" but also asked "the government to issue a special Prime Ministerial Decree that could surpass the current valid one". Malagò was delegated to inform Prime Minister Conte and the minister of sport, Spadafora, on what emerged from the meeting.

"A meeting was held today at the Foro Italico, organized by CONI president Giovanni Malagò, and attended by representatives of the Team Sports Federations, together with the Secretary General Carlo Mornati", the statement said.

"After listening to the opinions of all those present (some in attendance, others via Skype), President Malagò publicly thanked the Federal Presidents and the Federations for the great cohesion and the appreciated unity of intent manifested on such a delicate occasion for the country and in particular for the world of sport that has no precedent in history ".

"Confirming that in every action and circumstance the protection of health is the top priority of all, at the end of the meeting, CONI unanimously established that:

– all decisions made by individual FSNs and DSAs to date are to be considered correct and in full compliance with the rules and laws issued and currently in force;
all sports activities at all levels are suspended until April 3, 2020;
– to comply with the point described above, the Government is required to issue a specific Prime Ministerial Decree which may exceed the current valid one;
– to ask the Regions, while respecting the constitutional autonomy, to standardize the single ordinances to the decrees of the Prime Minister in order not to create divergent applications of the same matter in the various territories;
– the Government is also asked to include the sports sector, both professional and amateur, in the announced economic support plan that can compensate for the inconveniences and emergencies that Italian sport has faced so far with responsibility and sense of duty, giving up on some special cases to the performance of the regular activity without the possibility of recovery in the coming weeks due to specific timing of the events ".

"President Malagò has been delegated by all to inform the President of the Council of Ministers, Giuseppe Conte, and the Minister for Youth Policies and Sports, Vincenzo Spadafora, today on the results of the meeting".

"CONI also points out that international competitions, both for clubs and national teams, do not fall within the jurisdictional availability of the Italian National Olympic Committee and therefore cannot be regulated by today's decisions".

"CONI has been supporting and will continue to support individual Federations for days in all the initiatives they intend to undertake with their respective international organizations (European and worldwide) in order to harmonize calendars and events also in view of the upcoming deadlines linked to the Olympic qualifications ". (source AGI)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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