Coronavirus, Spadafora: “New chance for unencrypted Serie A games”

Coronavirus, Spadafora: "New chance for unencrypted Serie A matches"

Coronavirus, Spadafora: "New chance for Serie A matches in the clear" (photo Ansa)

ROME – The Minister for Youth Policies and Sport, Vincenzo Spadafora, has returned to office, renewing the request for the transmission of Serie A matches in the clear, given the growing emergency after the spread of the coronavirus, which led to the decision to play matches behind closed doors. Waiting to hear the decision on Serie A matches, Serie C has announced that it will broadcast all matches in the clear ( here is the in-depth analysis ).

Coronavirus, Spadafora insists: "Unencrypted matches can raise the morale of citizens in such a complicated moment."

Here are the statements made by the sports minister Spadafora to the microphones of the Ansa.

“There is a new possibility for free games. Today I had several telephone contacts with the top of football, TV networks and Agcom, because I continue to think that, at this moment, it is important to offer entertainment to citizens at home. There is a possible solution, on which we await the evaluations of the League of A.

For this I wrote again to President Dal Pino. We await an answer. I very much appreciated President Ghirelli's decision to broadcast all the Lega Pro matches in the clear, fully accepting the spirit with which yesterday I addressed my appeal to the FIGC and the Serie A League.

I also thank Eleven Sports and RAI – adds the minister – who will work to allow this to happen, demonstrating that – in situations like the one we are experiencing – economic interests are completely secondary (source Ansa) ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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