Coronavirus, Smolov runs away from Vigo. Yeltsin’s nephew’s fiancée becomes an adult

VIGO (SPAIN) – Another Celta Vigo footballer has left Spain secretly, violating the safety regulations imposed by the government and the world of sport.

Fedor Smolov , Russian striker, born in 1990, decided to make a blitz in the mother country to celebrate the eighteenth birthday of his girlfriend, who is also the grandson of ex-president Boris Yeltsin , Putin's predecessor .

The club, in a statement reported by the As newspaper, explained that Smolov "repeatedly asked to be allowed to return to Russia for personal reasons, but permission had not been granted".

Despite this, Smolov decided to leave without the same and without the authorization of the Galician society in order to participate in the party for the 18 years of his girlfriend Maria Yumasheva.

The football career of Fëdor Michajlovič Smolov.

Raised football in Saturn , from 2007 he moved to Dinamo Moscow, collecting appearances both in the reserve formation (militant in the fourth series) and in the first team.

In 2010 Dinamo Moscow sent him on loan to the Feyenoord in the Netherlands. Back at the base, he alternates seasons with Dinamo Moscow with others in which he is sent on loan to Anži (twice) and Ural.

In the summer of 2015 he moved outright to Krasnodar, where he won a starting position which also opened the doors of the Russian national team.

In August 2018 he passed definitively to Lokomotiv Moscow receiving a record salary of 3 million euros per year.

On 30 January 2020 he was loaned to Celta Vigo where he currently plays (sources Ansa and Wikipedia).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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