Coronavirus, Seville in trouble: outbreak in the disco where Banega was without a mask …

Sevilla, who are Roma's next opponent in the Europa League, are trembling at the presence of one of their players, Banega, in a nightclub where an outbreak of coronavirus was found.

In a few weeks, Banega will leave Sevilla to play in Saudi Arabia but now he still plays in Spain and found himself in a nightclub where a new coronavirus outbreak was found ( video here ).

The player ended up in the storm because he was not wearing a mask and was not at a safe distance from the others.

Sevilla are trembling because they will soon challenge Roma in a crucial Europa League match. The Spanish club is not only worried about Banega's health conditions but also about a possible infection of other players.

In short, Sevilla are afraid of finding themselves against Roma with the decimated squad but at the moment no clarity has been made even on Banega's health condition.

It is only known that in the disco frequented by the football player there have been about ten cases of people infected with the coronavirus. Banega will most likely be swabbed in the hope that it will be negative.

Banega is not a new name for Italian football fans. In fact, the Argentine midfielder wore the Inter shirt during the 2016-2017 season for a total of 33 appearances with 6 goals to his credit.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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