Coronavirus, Serie A matches in the clear: minister’s proposal, yes Figc but the clubs say no

Coronavirus, partite di serie A in chiaro: la proposta del ministro Spadafora. Figc dice sì, Lega Calcio no

Coronavirus, unencrypted Serie A matches: Minister Spadafora's proposal. Figc says yes, Lega Calcio no (In the photo Ansa, the president of Figc Gravina)

ROME – Serie A matches in the clear: this is the request of the Minister for Youth Policies and Sports, Vincenzo Spadafora. Thursday 5 March Spadafora sent to the FIGC president , Gabriele Gravina, and for information to the president of the Lega Calcio Seria A, Paolo Dal Pino , a letter asking to evaluate any conditions for transmitting the Serie A competitions in the clear at least of the next championship day.

An invitation addressed in consideration of the serious inconvenience to which the population is called in this difficult moment and with a view to safeguarding health, given the coronavirus emergency . In Spadafora's opinion it would indeed be an important signal to be able to unite all fans by guaranteeing a window of relaxation in a moment of collective difficulty. The president of the Football Federation immediately responded affirmatively to the minister's invitation, but the League of A, which holds the rights, is against the minister's proposal.

In his letter, the minister highlights how the world of football, for the passion it arouses and the great relevance that distinguishes it, even in foreign projection, "is certainly among the sectors most exposed" to the situation that has arisen.

"Having passed the initial comparison phase on the solutions aimed at better coping with the emergency and having clarified, net of understandable different sensitivities, the framework of the measures in force in the coming weeks, I consider it appropriate to underline the most authentic vocation of sport, and therefore of the football, that is, to unite and allow everyone to enjoy an exciting show, without anxiety or fear. It is in this spirit that I ask you, in this delicate contingency, to check whether favorable conditions, respectful of the current legislation and of the agreements in force, can possibly allow the free television viewing of imminent football competitions which are expected to be held behind closed doors ”, Spadafora writes in the letter.

"This would constitute, I believe, a beautiful signal to all Italians, but also a way to limit the inconvenience associated with existing containment measures and, even, to actively cooperate in achieving their own goals". The minister therefore trusts in the impulse action and in the availability of all the actors involved "to want to confront and make themselves protagonists of a great message to Italy and Europe". (Source: Agi)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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