Coronavirus, Serie A behind closed doors: Juventus “saves”, Milan loses one million euros

Coronavirus, Serie A a porte chiuse: Juventus "salva", Milan perde un milione di euro

Coronavirus, Serie A behind closed doors: Juventus "saves", Milan loses one million euros (Andrea Agnelli in the photo Ansa)

ROME – Teams from regions affected by the Coronavirus will be forced to play behind closed doors. Some of them, like Juventus , will not lose the box office, others, like Milan, yes. As writes, Juventus will be " safe ", at least as regards the collection from the box office. The bianconeri, like ten other clubs in A, do not provide any kind of refund , neither to the season ticket holders nor to the payers in the event of a match played behind closed doors .

Coronavirus, Juventus' behavior ended up in the antitrust target.

As continues, this behavior ended up in the sights of the Antitrust and is considered as a vexatious clause: the last Juve-Inter played at the "Stadium" recorded an influx of 41,495 spectators for a collection of 3 million euros and 163 thousand euros .

However, the induced revenues will be lacking, namely purchases from the store, drinks in bars and restaurants and museum entrances.

As explains, the matter is different with regards to AC Milan which, given the match behind closed doors with Parma at San Siro, will have to give up € 1 million in cash .

Already yesterday the AC Milan club announced that it had started the refund procedures for tickets already purchased. Sassuolo, on the other hand, has decided to refund tickets only to season ticket holders. The others will lose money because they play behind closed doors and will not be able to attend the internal match against Brescia (source

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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