Coronavirus, Scientific Technical Committee: “No to the resumption of soccer and contact sports”

ROME – No resumption of soccer and other contact sports at amateur level or amateur sports clubs.

According to what has been learned, this is the opinion expressed by the Technical Scientific Committee (CTS).

With regard to the possible resumption of contact sports, the CTS confirms that, "in view of the current national epidemiological situation, with the risk of resuming viral transmission in clusters determined by aggregations such as in contact sports, the provisions of distancing must be respected and of individual protection ".

Serie A yes, soccer no

As regards the derogation from the same distancing and protection measures by the CTS validated exclusively as regards the resumption of professional football matches limited to the Serie A , the committee underlines how this derogation has been accepted

"In the presence of a formal interlocutor – the sports club – who has assumed full responsibility for the execution and control of a stringent protocol of continuous diagnosis and monitoring".

However, "in view of the lack of similar protocols in favor of individuals who engage in such activities at an amateur level or amateur sports clubs",

the CTS " does not believe at the moment that it can take decisions in this regard that are different from the recommendations on physical spacing".

No recovery for soccer, therefore, as well as for other amateur contact sports such as basketball, boxing and volleyball.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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