Coronavirus, runner beaten to blood in Padua: he did not wear a mask

PADUA – A runner from Padua was beaten up by two people because he was running without a mask .

The fact dates back to Friday evening, a fifty year old engineer from Albignasego, in the province of Padua, was jogging with his dog when he was targeted by two passersby …

The two passersby, a father and son , began to insult him heavily because he was running without a mask .

The runner justified himself by saying that he was running under the house and that his home was visible.

Not only that, the runner added that he did not have a mask but he had a sweatshirt that, if necessary, he could have used to cover his nose and mouth.

This explanation of his did not appease the fury of the two passers-by and a heavy dispute broke out which resulted in a physical attack.

The older passer-by rushed to the runner grabbing him from behind, in the meantime his son hit him in the face and head with punches.

In all this, it should be noted that the younger attacker was also going around without a mask.

The two attackers felt they were right and for this reason they called the carabinieri who when they arrived on the spot they noticed how the runner had fractures in the nose , in the orbit of the right eye and various hematomas in the trunk and limbs.

The carabinieri immediately called the ambulance where both the attacker and one of the attackers, who in the meantime had been hit by an asthma attack, went up.

Of course, the runner was the worst since doctors gave him a 30-day prognos .

The engineer said it would press charges against the two attackers who have beaten up ( source).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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