Coronavirus, Rugani embraces his girlfriend Michela Persico pregnant PHOTO

TURIN – The nightmare is over for Daniele Rugani and for his girlfriend Michela Persico.

Both the Juventus player and his partner, who is also pregnant , managed to recover from the coronavirus and were able to embrace each other again.

Rugani was the first Serie A player to test positive for coronavirus , shortly after his girlfriend also took it.

From that moment on, Rugani and Persico have been divided and isolated.

Persico continued the quarantine in their home while Rugani spent it in the J-Hotel continuously monitored by the Juventus medical staff.

As soon as they hugged each other again, Rugani decided to post this wonderful declaration of love on social media for his partner and for his incoming son.

“We will tell you about these 35 days apart from each other.
We will tell you that it was the right choice, but also how difficult it was.

But above all we will tell you about the beauty of finding ourselves in this embrace, all three.
Finally negative, finally all together ❤
We'll tell you about the time we had to spend far from each other.
We'll tell you that it was the right choice, but it was difficult too.

And above all we'll tell you how magic it was to hug again, the three of us.

Together at last ❤
#grazieatutti #family #RestateACasa ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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