Coronavirus, Rezza replies to Lazio: “It was just a joke. How can you think about the reopening of the championship now? “

ROME – After the attacks by Lazio , at the hands of Diaconale and De Martino , Rezza decided to respond to the Biancoceleste society during an interview with Radio Punto Nuovo .

Rezza had spoken of the impossibility of resuming playing football in these conditions, then added: " As a Romanist I hope that everything goes upstream, after all we are almost at the end of the season …".

Diaconale , Lazio spokesman, replied:

"Instead of being a Roma fan, think about finding the vaccine …".

Shortly afterwards, De Martino , Lazio's communications manager, raised the dose:

“Rezza's joke is childish and unhappy. He should have apologized … ".

Rezza explained his reasons to Radio Punto Nuovo. The declarations of the research director of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità are reported by

“Mine was a joke to play down the dramatic moment we are experiencing – he says on Radio Punto Nuovo – I didn't think Diaconale intervened, Lazio to say not to be a fan, I made a simple joke.

That about the resumption of the championship was a serious question and I answered seriously, today there is total lockdown, how can you think about the reopening of the championship now?

It is clear that if in some way it is thought to reopen, then health security protocols will be evaluated and applied.

Much will also depend on what will be decided at European level, I think of the European cups. We have experienced dramatic moments in some parts of Italy.

Avoid the scudetto for Lazio ? I have a lot of friends from Lazio, mine was really a joke for the complicated moment – continues Rezza – at this moment you cannot think of games that take place with gatherings, games behind closed doors have a question mark because there is a lockdown.

Obviously we are thinking of a phase 2, therefore of the reopening of certain activities, such as the production ones.

I do not decide certain things, but if the government decides to reopen some recreational activities, such as sports, then the important thing is that they are done with maximum security.

The decision is up to politics, thanks to the advice of the scientific committee .

Football is one of the richest sports sectors and people are very interested, when the championship ended, each of us felt lost.

But I would like to remind you of Atalanta-Valencia that there have been episodes that have dramatized the situation, so I speak of the maximum possible safety to minimize the risks.

I repeat, mine was a simple joke and then I expressed my opinion. If then they asked me what to do to the government, I would say to resume safely. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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