Coronavirus revolutionizes the transfer market, a large window likely from summer to winter

ROME – The coronavirus is destined to revolutionize the transfer market too .

Right now everything is blocked, there is a "telework" but the transfer market negotiations between the sports directors and the players' agents are objectively difficult because business trips are practically impossible.

For this reason, UEFA, on the proposal of the football clubs, would be willing to change the rules of the transfer market by establishing a single, large, transfer window that would run from July until the end of January.

We would like to remind you that without this change, the companies would have a summer transfer window from early July to late August and a winter transfer window from early to late January.

This change would be appropriate because the coronavirus is preventing companies from placing their first transfer market hits.

Usually the sport directors, set the team for the next year between March and June, July only serves to formalize the purchases made in the previous months.

The market is always dictated by the seasonal trend. As said, the DS towards March begin to look for buyers for the players who have disappointed and lay the foundations for buying the "stars" for the next year.

Obviously the coronavirus is preventing all of this. So it is likely that this "revolution" of the transfer market, wanted by both clubs and UEFA, will go through.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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