Coronavirus positive Donovan Mitchell, all Gobert’s fault

Donovan Mitchell positivo al coronavirus, tutta colpa di Gobert

Coronavirus positive Donovan Mitchell, all Gobert's fault (freeze frame from YouTube video)

UTAH (UNITED STATES) – Another Utah Jazz player is Donovan Mitchell, star of the NBA team and the United States national basketball team.

The basketball player was reportedly infected by Rudy Gobert , patient 1 who led to the suspension of the NBA (National Basket Association).

Gobert has endangered his health, that of his teammates and that of his opponents with some thoughtless gestures.

Just before the match against OKC, Gobert ironed in the press room against the coronavirus by touching all the chairs and microphones. As if to say: "Coronavirus I don't fear you".

This attitude condemned him. Gobert was the first NBA champion infected with coronavirus.

But the French basketball player didn't stop there. He continued his teasing against coronavirus even in the locker room by hugging and kissing all his teammates.

This attitude led to the infection of Donovan Mitchell. As a precaution, the athletes of Utah Jazz, Okc (where the blue Danilo Gallinari plays), Toronto Raptors, Detroit Pistons and Boston Celtics have been placed in preventive quarantine and buffered.

The NBA plays almost every day. For safety reasons, it is good to isolate the athletes of the last opponents of Utah Jazz.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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